Medspa virtual consultation form


Make your website your top lead generator!

MINT Logic’s proprietary candidacy tool has revolutionized the way to approach and capture clientele on the web. We have created an indispensable asset to any practice that allows online visitors to perform their own consultation, telling you exactly what areas on their body and face are concerning them.


Self-Identification of Problems

To be able to learn which treatment(s) are best for their needs, visitors provide their name, phone number, and email address.

Full-Kit Leads for your Team

The information from their virtual consultion and the visitor’s contact info are instantly sent to your inbox, waiting for you to convert a new customer for life.

Return Calls with Knowledge

As your sales team calls each lead, they have the knowledge of personal issues of each lead, and can structure a positive conversation to encourage each lead to visit your clinic for an in-person consultation.